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I am watching the follow-up by director Gary Hustwit. Objectified like Helvetica gives me much to think about, especially about my own life as a designer.

My favorite quote by designer Karim Rashid is paraphrased thusly:

Out of the million chairs that have been designed in the world, how could there be an uncomfortable chair?

If you haven’t seen it catch it on Netflix or on PBS.

My favorite unflashy movies

Danny Boyle’s 127 Hours will be more than 60 minutes without dialogue. On the list of movies I am impressed with similarly out of the box are:

The Dream Life of Angels: not so much without dialogue, but without soundtrack.

Celebration (Festen): It’s once of the Dogme 93 movies, but it’s still left an impression on me that I will never forget. No soundtrack on this one either.

Poster Boy: I was REALLY impressed by this movie, mostly because for once I forgot the quality of the filming over the very compelling storyline. That’s when you know low-fi can have legs.

Images: Arrow Films, ICROC blog, The Cinema Source

OMG NO!!! A “new” A-Team

No. I don’t want. I just cannot believe they’re planning on making a new “A-Team.” What was wrong with the old one? Hollywood is officially lost. They should buy a GM. And, if you visit the page, you can see all the people who have commented. In all honestly, they must’ve been paid, out-of-work writers.