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Taking still images to video

One of my co-workers asked for our help in coming up with some examples of how to take still images to video. So my coworker Kim and I came up with a quick list. Thought it’d be nice to share with everyone looking to do the same thing.

“Ken Burns Effect Demonstration”


“Moving Pictures”


“Stephen Fry Kinetic Typography”


“Dark Knight Kinetic Typography”


“Photo Effects for Video 10”


“Make Any Photo Look 3D”


“Italian Deli After Effects Photo Animation”


“Trillions” — overwhelming data


Aside from beautiful typography and motion graphics, the future of information is in question in this quick video. Maya Research presents this beautiful video. Stay around at the end to see the other videos in the series or check out their website.

NYT in Turkish [motion graphic porn]


My buddy Josh sent me this link to a the NYT’s Turkish edition. It’s pure type porn! And I love that they mastered it in 2K cinema resolution. Yum!