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Tail-end of Memorial Weekend

What do you do when you’re faced with a very cloudy day and it’s a holiday weekend? Go to the zoo!

A fogged-in skyline

With guests in town, we found ourselves indoors at the Lincoln Park Conservatory and I was absolutely thrilled to bring the camera along for the journey and practice of my macro-without-a-macro-lens photography and with light.

White and yellow flower

This beauty was captured with a shallow depth of field focused on the center, but the way the light was hitting was scrumptious.

Glistening, little tree

The light hitting this badboy just right, and with some post-processing I drew the eye in just a little bit more.

Beautiful orange flower

This orange fella just pops off the green background, with its very delicate leaves.

Curly leaf

Last but not least the curl on this one reminded me of a leafy tongue.