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Walking around Lincoln Park

From Out of Chicago‘s website I took advantage of a Lincoln Park architectural tour hosted by Bob Segal, a local photographer and architectural guru who has lived in the Lincoln Park area for many years. (We know this to be true since we visited most of the homes where he lived.)

Oddly I found myself discovering more about the people than the actual architecture we were walking around to learn more about. But I am not upset about that in the least. I did catch some great history lessons, and great snaps in the process.

ReadingTaking notesBrunch with friendsThe drinking fountain

We also walked an extra bit after lunch and the official end of the tour where we saw “Billionaires’ Row” where many of the newest mansions stay. But it was the mixture of the people and architecture that really inspired me. I chose to highlight my favorites here, but I did actually take photos of buildings, too. 🙂

Bellinger Cottage, 2121 N Hudson Street