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Galewood Camera Club Photowalk

I have been trying to find reasons to shoot this year, and I find that shooting with others inspires me. Frankly, it helps me muster the courage since there are so many of us wandering around a particular area.

But I do have a goal for this shoot: I am trying to better prepare myself for the average photowalk by using a couple settings at the ready. My shutter priority is set to 1/320 or higher and my aperture priority to f/8. And because I promised to slow myself own, I am going to be spending some time in Manual today. So, truly, I will be prepared for for anything. It really worked today!

It took me a 40-minute bus ride west to an area of the city I don’t really know and one that isn’t crammed full of people. I thought to myself that it would be an excellent opportunity for me to explore and push myself to find interesting things.

Our host shared with us wonderful, hidden gems on the west side of the city. And for that I am most grateful. And it also gave me a chance to geek out with some photographers.

Eating the bark

I got there a bit early and explored the park on my own, locating this beautiful and sad pattern, likely made by a band of angry termites.

Patient father

A father and daughter enjoying the park before it got crowded.

Tire swing found

A little boy discovers a tire swing in someone’s front yard. For this one I snapped two: one at f/8 and this one at f/5.6. Combined with a little crop magic, this one turned out the better of the two.

Waiting for traffic

A man enjoying an afternoon of semi-nice weather. On a bike I imagine it was perfect. For this one I snapped it at a high speed (1/1000s).

Locked school

And a political statement. This one reminded me of what’s going on in the city with all the schools being shut down. I practiced taking my time and playing with depth of field to give the lock more prominence.

These were just my favorites, but there are many more on the Flickr set.

My new personal goal

I have always been interested in photography. If you notice my most recent posts on Flickr I have been pushing myself to capture real people doing real things, versus shooting the same ol’ thing. I will still shoot buildings and what-not but people are always more fascinating than another skyscraper. So let’s see how I grow! Keep me honest and comment critically.