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Simple, delicious food explosions!

One of my co-workers recommends food bomb. Not only is it a fantastically beautiful way of showing off food, it also shows how to do an effective explosion drawing of daily, everyday foods. And without a Cray supercomputer to do the 3D modeling, either.

Need inspiration for logo design?

In my Twitter feed this morning from Morguefile was this list of 35 Best Inspirational Websites For Logo Design. Check it out!

“What Matters Now”

Seth Grodin’s “What Matters Now” acts as a Jerry McGuire-style manifesto destined to change the way we think, as humans or designers. It’s been around for a couple months now, but one of my co-workers sent me a link to a particular page that sorta struck me. I’ve included my favorite quote from it above which in response to what I believe is something I’d like to say to folks who play it safe. Download the full version and read for yourself or check out his blog.


Great ideas are made of these
Who am I to disagree!

Not quite the lyrics, but since school I’ve been a huge fan of IDEO. They have a labs section, which begs the question: why doesn’t everyone who’s a creative have a labs section? Check out their work and enjoy! Do you have a creative playground on the Interwebs?

Image: IDEO Labs

2014 Incheon Main Stadium [Pretty Building!]

Talk about a gorgeous stadium! Read up what they’re planning, too. Besides the prettiness of it, just think about how to present a great idea to a client. What a better way than to visualize it in action. Totally the best way! NASA does a GREAT job of it to explain concepts.

Image: Artistic Things