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002/365: Abandoned food


I was pretty shocked walking by a bus shelter with a couple bags of perfectly good food sitting there. Had they fallen out of the bag? Forgotten by someone?

These were sitting here — not staged, moved or altered.

Who would do that?

Last of mom’s tamales

Last of mom's tamales by dharder9475
Last of mom’s tamales, a photo by dharder9475 on Flickr.

As we clean out the freezer these are the last three tamales my mom made before she passed away. She’ll say it was her worst batch ever, but where I am sitting they are the most memorable. Thanks again, mom, for 37 years of delicious, homecooked meals.

Simple, delicious food explosions!

One of my co-workers recommends food bomb. Not only is it a fantastically beautiful way of showing off food, it also shows how to do an effective explosion drawing of daily, everyday foods. And without a Cray supercomputer to do the 3D modeling, either.