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009/365: Ollie Pesca Fish



For my fun-day Friday challenge I decided to take a fish of our silent (but deadly) goldfish Ollie. He silently watches us eat, get ready in the morning and is fascinated by our nine-month old in the only way a fish can be.

HTML5 presentation

I have been really excited to see so much development in the HTML5 arena. One of the things that excites me is the simplicity of it on the code end. Now, that’s likely on the surface. I am sure the code isn’t that easy, but the idea that we can make more beautiful websites, more functional websites without the need to extra programming a la Flash is the way it should go. I imagine it will open the door for the future. Check out this presentation originally created by Marcin Wichary and modified by Ernest Delgado.

Source: Helloewy

Cell Size and Scale


One of my co-workers sent this along to me. It’s a simple Flash piece from the University of Utah to show the scale of a coffee bean (and Times Regular 12 point) all the way down to a Carbon atom. Reminds me of the Power of Ten movie from the late 70s.