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007/365: Childs’ play


We take a moment to pause after taking our nine-month old to the doctor for a bump on her head. The three of us played with this, not only as a distraction but because we were having fun.

The Fourth in Evanston (or, Bored on a Float)

We celebrated ‘Murrica’s 237th birthday with a lovely parade north of Chicago in the town of Evanston. And while we got some really lovely shots, it was amazing to me to see the number of bored kids of floats. I mean, if I were on the float, I would be waving, screaming, tossing, slamming, dancing and other sorts of very action-oriented verbs. But these kids, not so much. I mean, how bad can it be?! Unhappy girlHating this noiseBored. Pass.Unhappy girl with glassesBored front lineAngry twirl

Thankfully there were other moments, too, and those are moments I am proud to have captured.

Looking upParade of penny-farthingsBlissful dancingSerenading the flag

Happy birthday, America!