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Chicago Loop Bridges 2013 photowalk

If you have a boat in the city of Chicago, there’s two months of the year you’re very interested in: the month where they go out to the Lake, and the month when they come back from the lake.

This year I decided to check out the second weekend of boat launch, thanks to an event coordinated on the Chicago Area Photowalk Group on Facebook. The same couple who “sponsored” the walk also run the website Chicago Loop Bridges. We met at Jackson and Wacher on a rainy Saturday morning in June to see what the fuss is all about.

Bridges up  for the five

There were only five boats heading out of the marinas, but they were very excited all the same to travel with their boats to the open water.

Lake Street Bridge up

The Lake Street bridge, one of the trickier ones, was at full tilt. It’s tricky because, unlike the other bridges, this one runs the CTA Green and Pink lines over top. So they have to shut off the third rail first.

Staging between bridges

Patience is very important. Four of the five were almost in perfect formation waiting for the Washington Street bridge (at South Wacker) to go up, but there were some difficulties getting it to open.

Clark & LaSalle Bridges up

A beautiful ballet of bridges. Here we’re looking at the Clark Street (closest) and LaSalle Street bridges.


An impressive structure in its own right, the extreme angle of the drawbridges blends in nicely with the other tall structures off the river.

Michigan Ave bridge up

The Michigan Avenue Bridge, also known as the DuSable Bridge, was only half up. This bridge is a double-decker to car traffic. Going under is an excellent way to get from the Mile to Michigan and Wacker without getting wet. 😉

That’s the last bridge because I called it quits and headed home. I did have a great time chasing after the boats as they sped from bridge to bridge. Maybe next year I’ll get it earlier in the season and see a bunch more boats. Until then, there are some other photos that were taken that didn’t make the cut. Enjoy!