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CSO: Getting set up

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I don’t think I’ve had the same seat all season with a long-standing conflict on Thursday night. But tonight I am excited. I’ve always wanted to hear Beethoven’s Eroica. We’ll see about this one.

Happy mistake

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Because I stupidly forgot my ticket to Symphony tonight I am on my way back downtown. But what a sunset!


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The symphony. My goodness. Tonight will be so good. Mitsuko Uchida again, on stage but this time on the piano. She is marvelous and a breath of fresh color with a penguin-outfitted backdrop. And she plays the piano with a passion oft-reserved for lovemaking.

Mitsuko @ CSO = WONDERFUL!

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I started off with a quiet, simple dinner with Mr Petersen at the University Club then we walked to the Symphony. I am in love with Mitsuko Uchida. I cannot get enough of her. The entire audience was in a trance as she played her signature Mozart and as conductor as she uses her face to direct the CSO. Amazing. Simply mesmerizing. Happy V’s E.

Why am I over here?

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Different seat tonight. I am sitting above the larger strings. I don’t know why my seat is over here but I like the idea of change. Here at least I do I do notice dueling pianos (in addition to the usual piano in the back) plus a harp where the violins usually sit. Interesting.

Shosta & Rach

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At intermission the concert has been delightful. The Shostakovich piece was strange but fun. There were aspects I wish would continue but alas they don’t. On to the Rachmaninov, a short 56 minutes non-stop.