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Taking still images to video

One of my co-workers asked for our help in coming up with some examples of how to take still images to video. So my coworker Kim and I came up with a quick list. Thought it’d be nice to share with everyone looking to do the same thing.

“Ken Burns Effect Demonstration”


“Moving Pictures”


“Stephen Fry Kinetic Typography”


“Dark Knight Kinetic Typography”


“Photo Effects for Video 10”


“Make Any Photo Look 3D”


“Italian Deli After Effects Photo Animation”


My favorite unflashy movies

Danny Boyle’s 127 Hours will be more than 60 minutes without dialogue. On the list of movies I am impressed with similarly out of the box are:

The Dream Life of Angels: not so much without dialogue, but without soundtrack.

Celebration (Festen): It’s once of the Dogme 93 movies, but it’s still left an impression on me that I will never forget. No soundtrack on this one either.

Poster Boy: I was REALLY impressed by this movie, mostly because for once I forgot the quality of the filming over the very compelling storyline. That’s when you know low-fi can have legs.

Images: Arrow Films, ICROC blog, The Cinema Source

OMG NO!!! A “new” A-Team

No. I don’t want. I just cannot believe they’re planning on making a new “A-Team.” What was wrong with the old one? Hollywood is officially lost. They should buy a GM. And, if you visit the page, you can see all the people who have commented. In all honestly, they must’ve been paid, out-of-work writers.

Jane and Kate

08 02 03 2050 PIC-0128.jpg, originally uploaded by dharder9475.

On Super Bowl Sunday we watched Barbarella, some of the first season of The Katherine Tate Show and walked in a blizzard to the bus stop where we still wait patiently for the bus to take me part way home. We are supposed to get six more inches, then it’ll melt away with rain later. Makes no sense to me. *shrugs*

LATER: Barbarella is being redone in 2009. Goodness! 


PIC-0110.jpg, originally uploaded by dharder9475.

Watching Helvetica in the River Room today. It was a nice break and a great source of inspiration.

“Helvetica” and Borders

PIC-0027.jpg, originally uploaded by dharder9475.

Went to see Helvetica, a fantastic movie showcasing the film. (Check out my entry to WrittenByAllOf.Us, our agency’s blog). We nipped over to Borders to check out the wares there and I got a new CD. This photo was taken of the Marshall Fields’ building all lit up and I finally figured out how to take a night photo with thew new phone.

“Casablanca” finally!

PIC-0017.jpg, originally uploaded by dharder9475.

I haven’t seen Casablanca and thought it would be appropriate with my NetFlix subscription. I’ve heard all the clichés but I have to say that, seeing this movie finally, is something of a dream. That sounds cheesy.

“Blades of Glory”

The last time I felt this terrible about a movie it was called Mars Attacks!. Blades of Glory is figure skating meets NASCAR exploting the exact same stereotypes that make it completely what it’s not. If you need to see a skating movie I’d recommend The Cutting Edge. Will Farrel and John Heder are a perfect fit for one another, which isn’t saying anything. And what was up with the special effects? EVERY skating scene was done in CG on a green screen. Can’t Hollywood afford stunt doubles? No thank you.

“Peaceful Warrior”

peacefullwarrior1_large.gifIt’s not often I am so moved by a movie anymore. When I need a bit of inspiration there are a handful of flicks I’ll pop in and slip into my cinema trance. It’s possible that Peaceful Warrior could fall into that category too. It’s along the same lines as another favorite of mine Seven Years In Tibet where the arrogant man turns into a man at one with the universe.

I’m not poking fun. Some movies remind me how far I have come in the sixty-one months I’ve called  Chicago home… I’m also reminded how far I’ve come back and how much more work I have to do.

Movies have a power over me. The same power that a loved one might have on a decision, or a gesture on your life. Movies are my books (and not in a ‘Merican-who-doesn’t-have-time-to-pick-up-a-proper-book way either). Ambie said it best. I paraphrase: if the movie doesn’t move me (or make me cry) it was probably not a good movie.

Which reminds me: I’m due for a cry.

Check out this movie if you can. The beginning feels like any other movie, but there are some good twists. Most of all if you can get engrossed by it you will question a thing or two in your life.

MitP: “Double Indemnity”

Steve, Chris, E and I meet up for Double Indemnity at the Movies in the Park. I love watching movies outdoors. E brought drunken watermelon. That’s a whole watermelon and a whole fifth of Voddie. Mmm. That’s not all of it. This movie is filled with the craziest lines:

“Ten times twice as hard.”

“More fun than a car full of monkeys.”

“…As sure as ten times buys you a dollar.”

Plus the many mentions of “baby” when referring to the main character Phyllis, played by Barbara Stanwyck. It makes chauvenism funny ha-ha.