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Mitsuko @ CSO = WONDERFUL!

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I started off with a quiet, simple dinner with Mr Petersen at the University Club then we walked to the Symphony. I am in love with Mitsuko Uchida. I cannot get enough of her. The entire audience was in a trance as she played her signature Mozart and as conductor as she uses her face to direct the CSO. Amazing. Simply mesmerizing. Happy V’s E.

My Chinese Horoscope!

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Every year since I can’t remember my friend Judy sends me one other handmade cards and my Chinese microscope. This year, so far, it’s spot on. It would amuse E to no end that I’m a wood rabbit. Go figure.

The Rabbit-born is renewed by the positive energy the year of the Earth Rat brings. Quick to catch on to fresh opportunities, the Rabbit native will figure out how to benefit from the many innovative changes and make hay for him/herself while the sun shines. The clever Rat influence and the Rabbit personality’s intelligence are a sure combination for success. The grounding Earth element here is well recieved by the realistic Rabbit person. However, the Rabbit native will be well not to neglect his/her gamily and friends in the pursuit of his career and financial goals. Success is so much sweeter when it is shared with those we love.

This could prove a hectic year for the Rabbit-born, and he/she will be pressed for time as he/she juggles his/her schedule and tries to achieve all his/her goals. Hopefully, he/she will take time out for short vacations to recharge him/herself or combine business with pleasure. This is a good year for him/her to make long-term plans and assessments.

Elections and birthdays

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The election results mask a tri-decade celebration for Kelly. I’m not in a very social mood but I am intensely interested in the election and being in the midst of others who are also. Makes sense after voting this morning.

Art Show & Speak Out

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I met up with E and her friends for a night of many homeless youth performing with drums, dance or words. It was held at the third floor of the newly-opened¬†Center on Halsted,¬†the GBLT community center that’s been in the works for nearly 15 years. And now I can see the wonderful services they provide! There were several moments that just made me want to crawl out of my skin.

A grown-ups weekend

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It’s nice out. We are waiting at the Ashland bus at Irving Park. Time to meet Miss Jocelyn!

Karaoke @ the Peek

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Now at the Peek for some karaoke and embarassing moments with
everyone. It’s SO cold outside and the snow’s just stopped. That’s
par for the course with Monika, though. ALWAYS snows on her day.