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50+ Beautiful Flash Websites for Your Inspiration

A great way to start the new year is with some beautiful inspiration. Check out’s 50+ Beautiful Flash Websites for Your Inspiration. My fav? Well, beside the Volkswagen one above

HTML5 presentation

I have been really excited to see so much development in the HTML5 arena. One of the things that excites me is the simplicity of it on the code end. Now, that’s likely on the surface. I am sure the code isn’t that easy, but the idea that we can make more beautiful websites, more functional websites without the need to extra programming a la Flash is the way it should go. I imagine it will open the door for the future. Check out this presentation originally created by Marcin Wichary and modified by Ernest Delgado.

Source: Helloewy

Repower America Wall

Repower America website

This is a bit on the old side, but I love the design of this website. Repower America takes dynamic submissions and puts them all in one place. It’s a great way to show a lot of dynamic information at the same time.

A VERY nice way to do labels on forms

Forms can be SO boring. But how about using some simple programming to get them to be a little more exciting? My co-worker Michael shared this with us designers. It comes from CSS Karma. Check it out.

From: CSS Karma

Coke Zero’s Facial Profiler

Take a world-renowned brand, Facebook integration and your webcam and match yourself with another user on the site. I would’ve LOVED a celebrity match up, but this is brilliant use of the technology and a great way to keep interaction levels high on the site. And, while you’re waiting, you’re treated to product imagery. Thought you may ask yourself, “What’s the point,” it definitely does match up with their brand persona.

It’s also a REALLY creepy way to meet a twin… Hm…

Check out the Coke Zero Facial Profiler for yourself.