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Meter for cyclists

Meter for cyclists

After spending the afternoon on two wheels we stopped by a local joint for take-away dinner. They left this meter just for us! How sweet.


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My first committee meeting with the CBF is held at the SRAM headquarters. This is a beautiful workspace! I would give a right arm to work here, or at least in a space so open and free. And they have a ton of healthy(er) snacks.

CBF Volunteer Party

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Went to the CBF Volunteer Appreciation Party tonight. With a co-presenter we introduced the winners of the Under-The-Radar award. Good food and company. Now that I’m on the Membership Committee I commit myself to more involvement this year.


Starting the ride

Ron, Max, Gayle and I are about to start the ride tonight. We’re in the Orange, smack in the middle of the pack. So that means we’re leaving around 2:10a.

Getting near the end

The route is the same is it was last year, but the colors are incredible. We’re just to Oak Street Beach and it’s about 5:30a. Max wanted to stop to take some photos here. This is where the ride is all worth it.

LATE Ride finish

The ride is now completely over, and the sun is just about to wake up from the horizon. We’re at Queen’s Landing and just about to grab breakfast. And I’m heading to E’s place for a nap. Then… The Pitchfork!

Great Critical Mass ride

CCM June

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“That SUV makes you look fat” might be hard to read, but it’s a great bumper sticker — even if it’s on a bike.

Volunteering @ CBF

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Volunteering first thing in the morning for the Chicagoland Bicycle Federation, yelling at cyclists at Milwaukee and Chicago. “HEEEEY!”

New brakes

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I finally beat the bike! I just had to drill a huge hole in the fork to get the new brakes to work. But I did it! Just hope it works.

The Lake

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Taking another break on the Lakefront Trail. This time at my favorite spot near Diversey.

Biking with rain… AGAIN!


I think there’s literally a cloud following me around. Bike the Drive this year was a wet one. But I braved it on the LeMond and headed downtown. Last night, when I got home, I noticed the rear tire flat. I found a hole in the tire. A hole enough to make hitting bumps a problem. And in the city it’s not easy to avoid. I made the eight-mile ride from home to the start line and, within two blocks, psssssssssssssssssssssht again. *sigh* I thought I wasn’t going to make the ride. I had a spare tube and a patch kit. So I decided to use a patch on the tire itself, put in the new tire, and hand inflated the tire. At about 105psi (on the way to 130psi) someone called out to me about a CO2 cartridge. I knew I should’ve gone to Performance last night. I will go today after my well-earned breakfast.

So… 30.5 miles. I rode downtown, started south and took a break at MSI. Then came all the way up north, turned around at Bryn Mawr, and came home. So it wasn’t all on LSD but, hey, I did thirty miles. I just wanted to get the bike (and my soggy shoes) out of the rain. I went as fast as I could. I didn’t reset the timer, but I think I did 22.5 miles in 1:15 hours, which is an average of about 20mph. Which is quite fast for me. I usually average 16-17mph on a century.