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United + Continental = :(

I am not thrilled about the UAL and Continental merger. For one I have a deep love for Continental because of extensive reading and a true sense of what they’re about. So I was struck with mixed emotions at the corporate merger. But we shall see what happens next.

However their new logo leaves me NO mixed emotions: it’s garbage. The literal combining of the two logos and opting to keep the decidedly-older looking Continental over United’s recent update is just pure laziness and uncalled for in this age.

I have a feeling this was branding by committee to make everyone feel that it’s a merger. But it seems like two mobile homes tacked together with duct tape, plywood and leftover drywall nails. Instead they should’ve created an all-new logo, which would’ve reinvigorated the two companies instead.

Time will tell and I sure hope I’m wrong.

iPad rentals on airlines

First it was the WiFi in the air. And now it’s iPad rentals. I can also envision a future where these iPads or at least a similar technology can be used to replace the seat-back entertainment systems. It would be WAY more versatile than the current, proprietary systems on the likes of Virgin Airlines. More and more people are looking to tablets and this new form factor. We have one at work and we’re nearly struggling for reasons to find uses, but I am determined to find a way to use it. Onward and upward!

PanAm’s new First Class Cabin

No, you’re not misreading that. Apparently someone’s gone out and recreated a PanAm first-class cabin in his own home. A man after my own heart. I would LOVE to do that based on a Constellation, though. *drool* Check out the article and, if you feel like really geeking out, check out the PanAm Heritage website.

Photo: Wall Street Journal and Brian L. Frank for The Wall Street Journal