Dear mom: Miss you more today

I cannot explain why today more than any other day I miss you more. Maybe it is a reminder from finishing out the show The United States of Tara. E and I started watching that show a while back and just became emotionally hooked.

I think it is because when to came to you I am glad you did not suffer as much and that we all had a chance to enjoy your company even if toward the end it was a little unpredictable. The fact was —  is —  you are a wonderful mother, friend, and wife.

And although it feels okay for the most part that you are now gone, free from pain, there’s something missing in my life that doesn’t feel right. Coming up the stairs on the Blue Line is lonely without reaching for my phone to talk with you. Or when I come to visit you would always stay awake to greet me, no matter what time it was.

I miss you. A lot.