Dear Mom: Happy Birthday

You would’ve been 64 this year, but you wouldn’t have aged one bit for as long as I have remembered you. I know you would’ve wanted to look younger, but your salt and pepper hair was just so beautiful against your dark, smooth skin. It just worked.

Had you been around, we would’ve come to visit you and made you some homemade tres leches cake, with about 64 candles on it (just to be obnoxious). We would’ve laughed a lot, and had a lovely dinner. For you this year, you might’ve noticed I lit a candle for you and kissed you on the forehead.

Your birthday has always been a quick and private affair with dad. This year would’ve been different only because one realizes the shortness of life when it stares you straight in the face. One has to take advantage of every moment, celebrate every precious minute, because you just never know if it’ll be the last.

Your life has taught me that. And it’s something I won’t ever forget.