On the path

For those of you not in the know, I am beginning the process of dedicating my life to the Buddhist path. There’s a difference it seems in being a Buddhist and living as a Buddhist. Although I am not officially Buddhistical, I do live my life accordingly.

At my temple and at many others, the process is known as Precept-Taking. It is a process that begins with reflection, humility and prostrations. Lots of them. So in addition to living it, there are weekly meetings — one week, one precept. They are:

  1. Do not harm, but cherish all life.
  2. Do not take what is not given, but respect the things of others.
  3. Do not engage in sexual promiscuity, but practice purity of mind and self-restraint.
  4. Do not lie, but only speak the truth.
  5. Do not partake in the production and trading of firearms and chemical poisons.
  6. Do not waste, but conserve energy and natural resources.
  7. Do not harbor enmity against the wrongs of others, but promote peace and justice through non-violent means.
  8. Do not cling to things that belong to you, but practice generosity and the joy of sharing.
Image: The Macho Response