Social media and mobile devices = match!

I cannot wait to get my hands on the new Nokia N900. I know, it’s a $700 phone but it’s what I “need” to complete my circle of digital synchronicity. An article in London Calling takes it one stop further, and applies the social media aspect that I’ve been excited about and brings it home — or at least to my mobile device. I seriously believe it’s the way of the future. LC’s article says,

  • Mobile is personal – it is my media
  • Mobile is always carried – the city in my pocket
  • Mobile is always on
  • Mobile has a built in payment mechanism
  • Mobile is there at the point of creative impulse
  • Mobile can recount the audience

When you raise your eyebrow to doubt, looks around the audience at your next concert. Everyone’s shooting video, taking photos, and sharing the audio to friends who cannot be there. We’ve all become our own TV stations, and in fact we’re more honest and truer journalists of life than the talking heads on the TV.

That’s the power of social media with your mobile device.

Photo: Phone Arena