Rental: Jeep Patriot

07-11-07_0819.jpg, originally uploaded by dharder9475.

On our way to Suburbia we borrowed this “Jeep” from Enterprise. This is their answer to a standard car. Mind you, according to their categories, a standard car looks like a sedan. You know: four doors, low-ish to the ground. No. According to Avis and now Enterprise, this category is Whatever-We-Have-In-Stock-Despite-The-Fact-That-You-Ordered-A-Particular-Class category. So it was this for an effin’ PT Cruiser. I’ve had three this year, which goes against the list. No. Thank. You.

No matter. To be fair to the “Jeep,” it rides decently and has the best manu-matic (à la AutoStick) implementation to a CVT. It actually work. So it was fun to drive. But the gas mileage? To go to Naperville (a 45 minute drive, roughly 35 miles each way) took a half-tank of gas. Terrible. Which is par for the course on all Chrysler products that aren’t sedans. I think that they’re getting rid of their excess stock (this one has a 120-day supply, which means there’s a TON of them sitting in lots all over the country) at bargain basement prices to the fleets. Because I haven’t had but a handful of sedans though that’s my preference over these walls on wheels.

I’m done.