“Peaceful Warrior”

peacefullwarrior1_large.gifIt’s not often I am so moved by a movie anymore. When I need a bit of inspiration there are a handful of flicks I’ll pop in and slip into my cinema trance. It’s possible that Peaceful Warrior could fall into that category too. It’s along the same lines as another favorite of mine Seven Years In Tibet where the arrogant man turns into a man at one with the universe.

I’m not poking fun. Some movies remind me how far I have come in the sixty-one months I’ve called  Chicago home… I’m also reminded how far I’ve come back and how much more work I have to do.

Movies have a power over me. The same power that a loved one might have on a decision, or a gesture on your life. Movies are my books (and not in a ‘Merican-who-doesn’t-have-time-to-pick-up-a-proper-book way either). Ambie said it best. I paraphrase: if the movie doesn’t move me (or make me cry) it was probably not a good movie.

Which reminds me: I’m due for a cry.

Check out this movie if you can. The beginning feels like any other movie, but there are some good twists. Most of all if you can get engrossed by it you will question a thing or two in your life.