Should be sleeping; rather be writing

5:30a: Wake up.
6:00a: On the road to Chicago and Milwaukee.
6:30a: Start working for the CBF, screaming into a megaphone.
8:30a: Head to work; get sorta lost because I didn’t realize Hubbard St doesn’t go all the way through. Take Kinzie instead.
9:00a: Start work.
10:00a: Realizing I have WAY too much to do, call CSO to exchange tickets. None other available.
10:07a: Realize it’s Verdi’s Requiem tonight. I’m going.
11:30a: Decide to drop off the photos at temple during a late lunch. Reserve an S40.
1:15p: Talk to Frank about Redmoon stuff.
1:25p: Inhale can of chicken salad.
1:50p: Ride to Columbus and Illinois for the S40.
2:00p: Drive to Temple. Didn’t realize there was a Cubs game. Little traffic.
2:25p: Arrive at Temple. Park in the lot next door; not supposed to.
2:30p: Hand over photos; get new disc; start driving back.
2:50p: Sorta don’t know how to go the wrong way on Illinois. Fairbanks blocked southbound; use Michigan instead. Car due in ten minutes.
3:00p: Return car; head back to office.
3:10p: Get Orange Mocha. Tastes like ass.
4:30p: Turn in logo concepts to Karen. She likes a few. Start doing them in the computer.
7:00p: Time for changing clothes.
7:25p: Wait for Jess & Marq. I walk out alone.
7:35p: Arrive at Symphony Hall. Read the program. Wonderful story. People were scary then.
8:00p: Where’s my concert?!
8:05p: The concert begins. About 150 men and women make up the chorus and the orchestra is completely full. I’m in row K, stage left. VERY close. VERY loud. Miss my seat in the Terrace. People around me are rustling. Lady next to me gives me knowing glances. This concert is amazing! Reading along with the translation. People were very scared back then.
9:45p. Concert over. Amazing. I feel like I just went to church. Multiple shivers.
10:00p: Return to the office after the Annual SAS (a month late). Change. Head back downstairs. Fix chain on bike. Go north on Lakefront Trail.
10:30p: In. Pack. Do mail. Bills.
11:15p: Realize I have to be up in five hours. I do e-mail and this entry instead.