I caught The Namesake at the Century Landmark finally. Ever since it was released I was overwhelmed by a new Mira Nair movie and I was not let down. I cannot wait for it to be released on DVD. I ran across the street to get the soundtrack, but ended up with Bhangra dance music instead. They were fresh out. I did run home to watch Monsoon Wedding to get my Nair fix.

Last night I forced Patrick into showing me Godzilla 2000 — a dubbed version. I wasn’t impressed with the dubbing, although it made us MST3k for a bit. But I am appreciative of being let into a world I didn’t know existed six months ago.

Tonight was a doubleheader. I started out with Red Doors, a story about a dysfunctional Asian family. From the previews of other movies by that studio I was getting a little scared. It was warm and charming and not a bit expected.

I finished the night and the weekend with Shortbus, widely acclaimed by my friends. I should have seen it in the theatre, but I guess they wouldn’t have shown this non-rated version. I thought I was going to be watching porn, but it turned into a very tender story. Definitely a very New York story.