CSO and Movies: Volver and The Night Listener

A triple header today, hearkens back to the days when I would see four to six movies in two days.

First, Volver. The lagrima and joy in a Pedro movie makes me want to call my mother and bawl my eyes dry. This latest one is a beautiful homage to motherhood, perhaps moreso than Todo sobre mi madre, a movie that is most definitely in my top five. The soundtrack my Alberto Iglesias is tremendous and is on order already.

A brisk walk east to Sheridan, a frosty ride south on the 151 Sheridan to Symphony Center. A quick stop at Panda Express and I am ready for symphony. Tonight Zinman is conducting movie scores from 2001: A Space Odyssey. I own the movie on LaserDisc but never paid it much attention. Tonight it was music by Johann Strauss Jr, Liptig and Richard Strauss. Richard composed the most famous of the music in my recollection called Also sprache Zarthustra. It symbolizes sunrise and will likely be a fitting complement to Nessun dorma from Turandot as song I should hear daily. I will post my most favorite on the music page in a bit. Turn it up as loud as you can.

Finally, The Night Listener with Robin Williams, Toni Colette and Rory Culkin. It was the lesser of more dumb or trite evils in the QuickVid machine next door. It’s a good story, a good premise, and a good cast. Just didn’t grab my attention as well as anything else I saw today. So I don’t recommend it enough. Unless it’s free.