Don + Diebold

Now HERE’s some news. I won’t bore you with the entire story. It’s about the automation systems of the Lexus LS460 which can assist with parallel parking (I’m getting one this weekend, though I don’t know where I can put the bike rack just yet). What I love about this paragraph is that apparently one of my ancestors I associated with the word automation. Diebold is herein mentioned as the inventor of the ATM.

The experience of automation was enthralling, but the word came much later. Delmar S Harder first used the word in 1948, but it was John Diebold’s 1952 book Automation that gave the word currency. Here, Diebold (who invented ATMs) established the useful metaphor of feedback. An intelligent system is one whose behaviour adaptively responds to changing inputs. With its radar, minicams, sensors, gyros and computers, the self-parking Lexus is a demonstration of Diebold’s ‘closed loop automation’.

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